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Spanish is a Romance language.  Like the other Romance languages - French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian - Spanish is derived from Latin, the language of the ancient Romans.  In this class you will not only learn the mechanics of Spanish, but also some of the history and culture of the many Spanish speaking countries.  The activities I provide for you are geared to make your learning easier.  The activities must be done completely and on time.  I hope you will enjoy taking my class as much as I will enjoy teaching you.

  • After school help:  Wednesdays (Please check with me. I am available most afternoons as well)

  • Textbook and media resources:    Please click on the "MORE" tab and choose resources. There are also videos available in the       different levels of Italian to facilitate your learning.

  • The calendar tab:  It will be used to post classwork and upcoming tests.  Please refer to it, in order to keep up with your work.
  • What to expect from me:

   I will respect you as a student and as an individual.

   I will show fairness to all my students.

   I will be organized and professional.

  • What I expect from you:

   You will respect me as your teacher.

   You will respect your classmates.

   You will demonstrate good behavior.

   You will take responsibility for your own learning.

  • Cell phones / ear buds
    Please put your cell phones and ear buds away as you come to class.  If I see you using them, I will keep them on my desk for the rest        
    of the period.  You may take them on your way out at the end of class.  When you are learning a new language you are also learning the 
    sounds of the language.  Having ear buds and music is a distraction that will prevent you from learning.

  • Supplies:

   a 3 ring - binder with lined paper 

   Five plastic sheet protectors

   a writing utensil.

  • Grading: 
   A grade sheet will be posted on the bulletin board and updated each time that a quiz is given.  You will always know how you are 
   progressing in class.  Your grade in my class is never a mystery nor a surprise.  If you give me "A" work, you can expect an "A."

  • Quizzes / Tests 60%

    A Vocabulary and Grammar Combination Quiz will be given at the end of each lesson.  Each chapter consists of three lessons.  

    A comprehensive chapter test will be given at the end of the three lessons.  The comprehensive chapter test will  include grammar, 

    vocabulary, and culture. Quiz grades count once and test grades count twice.


  • Homework 10 %

    You will be given homework every day.  I will go over the homework each day at the beginning of class.  It is your RESPONSIBILITY to 

    correct your work with a colored pen. Many times we may begin work during class.  If it is not finished you need to finish it for homework.

    I WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK except at my discretion.                        

  • Binder 10%
     There will be a binder check for Level I class only.  The binder check will take place at the end of each term and it will count  as a
     quiz grade. 

  • On-line Quizzes 10 %
    At the end of each unit we will go to the computer lab to do the on-line activities that accompany the textbook.  
    All the activity grades will  be averaged into one single Quiz grade.

  • Summaries / Essays 10 %
   Upper level students will write short essays / summaries o stories that we will read in class.

  • Student responsibility -     
   When a student is absent, he/she should continue to work in his/her packet.  The student  must show me the missed work the day he/she 
   returns to school. If a test or quiz is missed, the student must make it up within 5 school days or a zero will be entered into the grade book.
   It is very important for YOU to correct YOUR work when I go over it in class. You need to pay attention to what is going on in class, repeat
   the vocabulary words when I ask you to do so, and complete your work / homework on a daily basis. If you do this, it will increase your
   understanding of the language structure and it will result in better grades.  There is a great resource on line for you to practice the
   vocabulary.  I strongly suggest you use it.  To access it, click on the more tab above for further instructions.
            I hope you and I have a great year learning Spanish.